According to a survey carried out by Numbeo, Islamabad has been ranked among the world’s safest cities after a significant drop in its crime rate.

After registering a four per cent drop in its crime rate, Islamabad climbed 30 spots to 302 from previous ranking of 232 in the list of 374 cities and stands at the crime index of 28.63.

Islamabad beat cities like London which stands at 107 with a crime index of 47.63, Paris at 111 with a crime index of 48.16, Berlin at 201 with a crime index of 59.03, Moscow at 206 with a crime index of 59.61, and Shanghai at 242 with a crime index of 63.69.

The Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices, perceived crime rates, quality of health care, among other statistics.

Abu Dhabi has been ranked the world’s safest city which has the lowest crime index of 11.33, according to the survey.

Abu Dhabi grabbed the number one spot while Sharjah ranked fifth safest and Dubai was ranked as the seventh safest city in the world with its safety index at 82.95.