A renowned rating agency, Spectator Index, has designated India, the world’s fifth most dangerous country to live.

The Spectator Index has released a list of the most dangerous countries in Year 2019. The index places Brazil on the top of the list, while South Africa on 2nd and Nigeria at third rank of the most dangerous countries in the past year.

Neighboring India has been among top five dangerous countries at the 5th place, in the Spectator Index after Argentina. The UK and the US have been placed at 12th and 16th rank in the list.

The Spectator Index has rated the countries in view of the state of human rights, exploitation of marginal groups, sexual crimes against children and women, rights abuse, curbs on freedom of expression and other social aspects life.

It is pertinent to mention here that a worst lock-down and curbs on civil liberties have been imposed by India in the occupied territory of Kashmir for last six months.

Moreover, the new citizenship law of the country introduced by the BJP government of India to promote Hindutwa (Hindu supremacy) and curb the rights of religious minorities.