Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated that Pakistan will play its role for peace establishment in Afghanistan as any humanitarian crisis will affect the whole region.

PM Imran Khan was addressing the inaugural plenary session of Islamabad Conclave 2021 titled “A Peaceful and Prosperous South Asia” at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) today.

While starting his speech, PM Imran Khan said that Pakistan needs think tanks for global issues. He said that the country had a standard planning commission in the 1960s.

“We should define ourselves instead of the world. The foreigners are unaware of our culture and history. I feel the lack of an effective response from our side when others run propaganda against our country that Pakistan is the most dangerous country.”

Highlighting the regional issues, PM Imran Khan urged that maximum efforts should be made to find solutions to all issues through dialogues.

“We have tried our best to hold dialogues with India on the Kashmir dispute.” He added that India misunderstood the overtures of Pakistan as its weakness.

PM Khan said that it is an unfortunate fact that we are facing the RSS ideology and the people of India are unlucky for the happenings in their country. India will face severe consequences after declaring its 50 to 60 crore population as second-class citizens, he added.

Regarding the Afghanistan situation, he said that Pakistan will try to divert the world’s attention to the crises in Afghanistan. Any humanitarian crises in Afghanistan will affect the whole region including Pakistan, warned the premier.

He reiterated that Pakistan will provide maximum assistance for the establishment of peace in Afghanistan.