Angela Merkel during her visit to India, Grilled India over situation in Occupied Kashmir and termed it as ‘unsustainable’

According to a Reuters news agency German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the conditions in which the people of Kashmir are living are unsustainable and must be improved.

Earlier Merkel told German reporters traveling with her that she would raise the matter with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi later on Friday evening, the Reuters report said adding that while she was aware of India s position regarding Kashmir, she wanted to hear Modi’s plans for restoring calm to the region. She raised her concerns about situation in Occupied Kashmir.

Angela Merkel’s comments are being seen as potentially embarrassing for the Indian side given that the comments seem to buy the narrative put out by Pakistan that the situation in Kashmir is deteriorating day by day because of the restrictions imposed on the movement of people and on communications which is violating Human Rights at a major level.