Pakistan exported over $50 million worth of footballs in the first four months (July-Oct) of the current fiscal year, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood said Monday.

“MOC [Ministry of Commerce] is pleased to inform that exports of football during July-Oct 2021 grew by 17% to $ US$ 50.148 million as compared to $ 42.780 million in the same period last year,” Razak said in a Twitter statement.

“Overall, during the same period, the exports of Sports Goods increased by 21% to $ 105.120 million compared to $ 87.070 million.”

On Dec 1, Pakistan’s exports increased by 33 per cent in the month of November. In a tweet, Abdul Razak Dawood said that Pakistan’s exports during the month of November increased by 33% to a historic monthly high of $2.903 billion as compared to $2.174 billion during the same period last year, while the target for the month was $2.6 billion.