ARY news reported that The Ministry of Interior has got approval of the federal cabinet for action against the militia force of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), sources said.

The interior ministry has been empowered under Article 146 for consultations with the province.

The militia will be outlawed under Article 256 and section 2 of the related 1974 act.

According to the summary the provinces will be delegated powers through the interior ministry after consultation.

The provinces will be empowered to act against the entity for complete implementation of the directives issued by the federal government.

According to the summary, the JUI-F has constituted the armed wing, intelligence have reported.

The uniformed force recently marched in Peshawar with sticks, covered with barbed wires, summary said.

“It seems the uniformed force intends to challenge the writ of the state and witnessed preparing for confrontation with the law enforcement agencies,” the summary said.

According to the summary, “the militia force is comprises of over 80,000 men.”

There is apprehension of worsening of the law and order situation during the ‘Azadi March’,” the summary said.

“Formation of Ansarul Islam as an armed force is violation of Article 256 of the Constitution,” summary said.

It is not improbable that Ansarul Islam militia might have arms and its activities could pose threat to peace in Islamabad as well as in provinces, the summary said.

Article 256 prohibits formation of an armed organization. The National Action Plan doesn’t permit an armed outfit, the summary further argued.

The Federation under the Private Military Organization Act 1974 could order disbanding of any such organization, the summary added.