The emergency ward of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) has been reopened on Friday three days after fully-suited lawyers stormed a cardiac hospital in Lahore which left at least three people dead.

The emergency ward has been reopened after the destroyed machinery, furniture and other items are replaced. Only a few patients in the cardiac care unit (CCU) are still being treated. The CCU is a hospital ward specialized in the care of patients with severe cardiac conditions that require continuous monitoring and treatment.

The hospital was closed after it was attacked by lawyers on Wednesday. The protesters beat up doctors, destroyed parts of the hospital and interfered with the care of patients. As a result, three patients died.

Around 12000 heart patients have suffered as the 35 patients couldn’t undergo bypass, while the Angioplasty and Angiography of 250 patients have also been postponed as the doctors and paramedics stayed away from their duties and demanded protection to them at their workplaces.

The heart patients also couldn’t undergo diagnostic tests owing to closure of medical services at all departments.

On the other hand, the work to restore the building and machines is continuing, while the medicine counter at the OPD has been restored and the provision of medicines to already admitted patients has also been started in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

All the medical tests and operations were postponed while work at emergency ward and Out-Patient Department (OPD) was also stopped. The critical patients at the PIC were shifted to other hospitals.