Two Pakistani engineers have invented a unique stove with biomass fuel amid the scarcity of gas in the winter season.

Two Pakistani engineers, Sajid Mustafa and Rehan Tahir introduced a bio-mass fuelled stove, finishing the need for an electricity-powered or gas oven. Biomass pellets made from urea and wastage material will be used to flame the modern stove.

The bio-mass stove can cook food for four to six persons of a family, a portable and eco-friendly solution to the consumers amid the winter season as it does not emit smoke.

Interestingly, there is no need to flame the biomass-fuelled stove via electricity as it just needs a spark from a power bank used for charging mobile phones.

Engineer said, “It is good for those who are facing a shortage of gas or they are going to switch to LPG as a replacement. If a family is spending up to Rs4,000 for using LPG as a resource for domestic purposes, the bio-mass stove will reduce the expenses up to Rs2,000 to Rs2,200.”

The second engineer said, “Al-humdullillah, we have completed our work to build a network across the country [to sale this biomass stove]. This stove and biomass pellets are being supplied to major cities. We are now trying to scale up things to make it reachable to the hands of common people with the collaboration of some institutions.”

According to the engineers, the biomass stove can also be used commercially.