The teams of Rescue 1122 have often faced three problems in their response to emergency calls: location of the victim, guiding the victim about first aid and assuring them that help is on the way.

A mobile app has solved all three issues.

Rescue 1122 mobile application has curbed the hazards for its users. The app is now able to trace the exact location of the victim through the Global Positioning System (GPS).

In case of an emergency, all you need to do is to call Rescue 1122 and press a button on the app to indicate your location.

The app connects the control room with the emergency vehicle (ambulance or fire tender) and the victim. The conference call between the three guides the victim about the first aid essentials and in the meantime the emergency vehicle arrives.

The victims can see the rescue vehicle moving on a map to them.

The application was launched by Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on December 21.