A key commander of outlawed TTP, Saifullah Mehsud was killed in Afghanistan.

The group has confirmed the death of the head of its suicide bombing wing. Saifullah Mehsud was shot dead by unknown gunmen outside the Guloon camp in Khost province of eastern Afghanistan, foreign media reports said.

Saifullah Mehsud was notorious for preparing suicide jackets and suicide bombers for terrorist acts and was among the terrorists most wanted to Pakistan for his involvement in several terror attacks in the country.

Mehusd was the mastermind of a tragic bus attack in port city of Karachi that had killed around 59 people in year 2015 and he had also claimed the responsibility.

Saifullah Mehsud was fled from Pakistan to Afghanistan after a security operation launched in Waziristan region. Analysts have termed the killing of Mehsud a big hit to the terrorist outfit TTP.