An Anti-Smog Squad has been constituted to control the increasing threat of smog in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

As per details, the Anti-Smog Squad will be comprising of five teams and each team will consist of five members, which will visit the industries and will slap fines in case of any violation.

The teams will be headed by the officers of the environmental projection department, while the representatives from police, WASA, LESCO and Muncipal Corproation will also be the members of the teams.

Earlier, Punjab health department warned citizens regarding rising smog levels in Lahore asking citizens to use masks and sunglasses to avoid its effects.

Secretary Health Imran Sikander had said that the smog level has gone up beyond the safe level in the provincial capital of the Punjab province and directed the hospitals to immediately establish smog counters in the hospitals.

“The rising levels could lead to breathing issues , swelling in eyes and throat,” he said while asking citizens to not leave their houses in Lahore without a mask and sunglasses to avoid its worst effects.