Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that corruption in the society begins from the premier and ministers and trickles down to the rest of the people.

“Every person has two choices, one that elevates and another that destroys them,” PM Imran told participants of a gathering in Islamabad on Tuesday.

He recalled that Pakistan was progressing rapidly in the 60s. “It was becoming a great country in our era, but then we gradually proceeded towards the path of destruction.”

The prime minister went on to say that a society that lacks ethics cannot deliver justice either, and then it resorts to giving out NROs [National Reconciliation Ordinances].

“A nation that doesn’t ensure justice is destroyed, and whenever ethics are eliminated from a society, then corruption increases,” he remarked.

“When our ethics deteriorated, our economy went on the same path. Bangladesh was considered a burden on Pakistan but the former also surpassed us in economic growth,” the premier said, adding, “The ill in a society starts with the premier and the ministers, and then trickles all the way down.”

Last week, addressing a ceremony to inaugurate the Hall of Fame at the Pakistan Academy of Letters, he had. said that in the age of social media with unrestricted content available, huge responsibility lied on intellectuals to guide the nation on preserving moral and ethical values.

PM Imran had urged the intellectuals to help protect the ideology of the nation through the power of words and pens. He regretted that the moral and ethical values were gradually eroding, thus giving space for corruption.