Pakistan Bureau of Statistics released data which suggests that Pakistan Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) declined by 1.04 percent in the month of February, 2020 as compared to January 2020.

Urban CPI recorded a decreased of 1.09pc while Rural CPI recorded a decrease of 0.97pc on monthly basis.

Data revealed by PBS suggests that Prices of food items such as pulses, fresh vegetables and wheat, which have been the main top drivers of inflation, saw a downward trend on the monthly basis.

The items that showed a decrease in prices during the month of February are: Tomatoes price decreased by 60.27 pc in the month of February, alongside Eggs price decreased by 26.36pc, Liquefied Hydrocarbons price decreased by 13.53pc, electricity charges decreased by 13.48pc, Potatoes price decreased by 12.91pc, Fresh vegetables price decreased by 11.48pc, Onions price decreased by 8.79pc, Wheat flour price decreased by 5.29pc, Wheat price decreased by 3.52pc, Pulse gram price decreased by 2.34pc, and Besan price decreased by 2.33pc.

The items that showed an increase in prices during the month of February are: Vegetable ghee price increased by 13.15pc, Cooking oil price increased by 10.27pc), Sugar price increased by 8.45pc, Mustard oil price increased by 4.25pc, Fresh fruits price increased by 4.16pc, Beans price increased by 3.89pc, Butter price increased by 3.61pc, Carpets price increased by 3.28pc, Chicken price increased by 2.35pc, Pulse moong price increased by 2.27pc, Solid Fuel price increased by 1.19pc and Pulse mash price increased by 1.14pc.