Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday termed the burning alive of a Sri Lankan manager at a Sialkot factory by a mob as a shameful day for Pakistan and announced that he was personally overseeing the probe.

In a message from his personal Twitter handle, the prime minister said that the horrific vigilante attack on a factory in Sialkot and the burning alive of a Sri Lankan manager is a day of shame for Pakistan.

“I am overseeing the investigations and let there be no mistake all those responsible will be punished with full severity of the law,” he said while announcing that arrests are in progress.

The prime minister’s remarks came hours after private factory employees tortured their foreign manager to death and set his body on fire in Sialkot.

The tragic incident took place at a factory located at Sialkot’s Wazirabad Road, where a foreign factory manager was brutally tortured by the workers with sticks.

This was not it, the enraged people showed no mercy and set the severely injured foreign manager on fire, as a result of which he was burnt to death.

After the incident, the factory employees vandalized properties outside the factory and also damaged the vehicles.