Punjab Cabinet has approved the revised draft law of new local body system. The draft law has been approved after successful negotiations with PML(Q).

According to the approved draft law, local body elections in Punjab will be held on party basis.

The province will have eleven metropolitan corporations, in addition to the nine divisional headquarters and Gujrat, Sialkot will have the status of metropolitan corporations.

Moreover, there will be only Metropolitan Corporation in Lahore, the rest of the divisional headquarters, Sialkot and Gujarat will have a system of metropolitan and district councils.

The remaining 25 districts of Punjab will have only District Councils, Village Councils at the village level and Neighborhood Councils in urban areas.

Additionally, the system of Municipal Corporations, Municipal Committees and Town Committees has been abolished from the urban areas of 25 districts of the province.

The system that has been in place for decades in urban areas has been abolished by the new draft law, with only the system of district councils for all rural and urban areas.