The Gilgit Baltistan Bar Association has said that former chief judge Rana Shamim has made a vicious attempt to damage the reputation of Pakistan by issuing an affidavit from the UK.

Criticizing Rana Shamim, the Gilgit Baltistan Bar office-bearers said that Rana Shamim had tried to divide judiciary and bar in his tenure, due to which the judicial system was derailed for a long time. “His statement is an attempt to shatter public confidence in court. When Rana Shamim was appointed, Gilgit Baltistan people went on strike and boycotted courts for one year. Not a single judgment of Rana Shamim was appreciated,” they added.

They said that after the protest of Gilgit Baltistan Bar Association, Rana Shamim filed complaints against lawyers at police stations. “Rana Shamim was appointed to the port for three years. He received pension through the influence of his post. He also recruited people through illegal means in the judiciary and its case is still being heard by the Supreme Court,” they alleged.

The bar office-bearers said that the affidavit by Rana Shamim is against the law and legal ethics. They demanded a judicial commission to probe into the allegations.