China has reiterated it’s support for Pakistan at FATF and categorically stated that it did not want the forum to be politicized as some countries are pursuing their political agenda to blacklist Islamabad.

Deputy Director-General for Policy Planning of Asian Affair in the Chinese Foreign Ministry Yao Wen said China stood with Pakistan and blocked attempts to include Islamabad in the blacklist, Radio Pakistan reported.

The Chinese official said Pakistan is effectively pursuing its National Action Plan, and China encouraged it to act against terrorists and strengthen its system.

Yao Wen said that Beijing made it clear to the United States and India that China cannot be a part of this misconduct which goes against the purpose of the FATF. Yao Wen said the Financial Action Task Force is not meant to put any country in the blacklist, rather to support it to take action against terror financing.

He also said that during recent visit of Chinese President to India it was conveyed to India that Pakistan did not want war with it and desired to resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means.