Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association has released data on cotton production in the country till November 15 indicating a 70% rise in the cotton received at ginning factories. The country has recorded a massive increase of 2.8m bales, with Sindh leading the production.

Sindh produced 3.44m bales while Punjab produced 3.4m bales contributing significantly to year-on-year growth.

As per data, Sindh cotton production increased 83%. The highest cotton arrival was seen in Ghotki which received 303,700 bales and recorded a 107% year-on-year growth. Naushero Feroze received 300,900 bales and recorded 85% growth while Nawabshah received 186,700 bales but recorded the highest year-on-year growth of 216% within Sindh.

Last year, Nawabshah had received 59,100, Naushero Feroze 162,400 and Ghotki 146,900 bales.

Meanwhile, Punjab has seen 59% year-on-year growth, though yield grew incredibly in Bhakkar and Lodhran which registered over 300% year-on-year growth. Bhakkar had produced only 3,700 bales last year and Lodhran only 19,700 bales.

This year, the highest number of bales in Punjab came from Layyah which produced 181,300 bales and recorded a 163% year-on-year growth.