Pakistan has once again called upon the international community to take notice of threat to peace and stability in South Asia posed by India’s irresponsible rhetoric and belligerent posture.

Foreign Office spokesperson in a statement in Islamabad said the Indian forces are deliberately targeting unarmed Pakistani civilians across the LoC on pretext of so-called infiltration and launch pads.

The statement said India’s typical allegations of ‘infiltration’ ring hollow as all these incidents have taken place deep inside the valley, several miles behind Indian military’s extensive infiltration grid, comprising several layers of security.

The spokesperson said India cannot mislead the international community with its unfounded allegations and aggressive actions on the ground.

However, the spokesperson said Indian insinuations against Pakistan are patently designed to divert international as well as domestic attention from India’s grave human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir, the treatment of Indian minorities, and mismanagement by the BJP government of Covid-19 related challenges.

It said Pakistan has been assiduously highlighting at all international fora the gross and systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Kashmiri people.