In another embarrassment for India, Delegates at an International Conference in Turkey have urged India to lift its military clampdown in Occupied Kashmir and resolve the dispute peacefully through dialogue.

A two-day conference under the theme “Kashmir Turmoil: Emerging Threats to Peace and Role of International Community” concluded in Ankara on Thursday.

Radio Pakistan reported that Leading scholars, parliamentarians, journalists and writers from across the world attended the conference and unanimously condemned India`s unilateral and illegal decision on August 5th to change the special status of Kashmir.

The participants expressed serious concern over the grave human rights situation in Occupied Kashmir and the growing trend of Hindutva in India which threatens minorities. They also stressed that international human rights organizations, observers and independent media should be allowed to visit occupied Kashmir.

Participants were unanimous in their views that Jammu and Kashmir dispute should be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions. Azad Kashmir President Masood Khan, Senator Sherry Rehman, Lord Nazir Ahmad and other speakers gave a comprehensive overview of the prevalent situation in the territory since August 5th.

Dignitaries from Turkey reiterated their steadfast support to the people of Occupied Kashmir.