The body of an instructor pilot Ajmal Qazi was recovered by police on Sunday morning near Kund Malir Beach who went missing for three days following the crash of his self-made aircraft.

Qazi Ajmal, a pilot from Qazi family of Peshawar (who make thier own gyrocopter from scratches) is missing since a flight over mountains between Balochistan, Sindh on December 2. The family has appealed the govt to launch rescue operation for safe recovery of the missing pilot

Ajmal Qazi from Peshawar, an instructor pilot who made own gyrocopter, went missing three days ago while flying the self-made aircraft over the mountainous location of Balochistan. According to sources, Qazi had been invited by a person named Yasir along with his aircraft for tourism purposes.

His brother said that Ajmal Qazi transported his self-made gyrocopter to Kund Malir Beach througha truck on December 2. On the same day, he flew the gyrocopter and later he recorded his final message for being unable to see anything after reaching the altitude of 1,500 feet.

The pilot’s uncle told the media that contact could not be made after getting the final message of Ajmal Qazi. The family had earlier expressed suspicions that his aircraft would have crashed on the mountains or plunged into the sea.