Saudi Arabia, US, Turkey and some other countries expressed a desire to import the Chloroquine tablets from Pakistan following its encouraging results in treating coronavirus patients. Federal cabinet on approved the export of chloroquine tablets.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan said the cabinet gave its nod of approval to the export of chloroquine tablets to friendly countries to help them in their time of need in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said Pakistan has around 40 million tablets in stock, more than sufficient for domestic needs, and possesses raw material to make the drug in greater numbers. She added one million chloroquine tablets each will be dispatched to Saudi Arabia and the United States (US), half a million each to Turkey and Italy, five million to the United Kingdom (UK), 700,000 to Kazakhstan and 300,000 to Qatar.

The special assistant quoted Prime Minister Imran Khan as informing the cabinet that leaders of various countries had called him and expressed their desire to import chloroquine tablets from Pakistan following some encouraging results in treating the coronavirus.

She said Pakistan has always been asking these countries for something or the other and for the sake of humanity and to improve Pakistan’s credibility and face value, this is a good chance to help them in this time of need.