Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again stressed the need for providing financial aid to Afghanistan in a meeting with members of Troika Plus, hoping that the international community would understand the gravity of the situation in the neighbouring country, ARY NEWS reported.

Speaking during the meeting which was attended by members of Troika Plus belonging from China, Russia, United States and Pakistan, the prime minister said that they had always stressed a political settlement of the Afghanistan issue.

“The international community should now help Afghanistan to deal with the humanitarian and economic woes of the country,” he said while lauding the members for making the Troika Plus meeting a success.

Imran Khan said peace and stability in Afghanistan are important for the prosperity of the region. “There is no military solution in Afghanistan and Pakistan has always supported a comprehensive political settlement,” he said.

The prime minister further said that there is an immediate need of unfreezing the assets of Afghanistan and other measures to help the country.

Earlier today, Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi  has once again urged the international community to engage with the Afghanistan interim government to avert the humanitarian crisis.

Addressing a Troika Plus Meeting in Islamabad, FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi said nobody wishes to see a relapse into civil war; no one wants an economic collapse that will spur instability; everyone wants terrorist elements operating inside Afghanistan to be tackled effectively and; we all want to prevent a new refugee crisis.

The minister said all of us have common concerns related to Afghanistan and also have a shared interest in the country’s peace and stability. And to bring that about is a shared responsibility.