Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Tuesday brushed aside the threat by India to limit palm oil import from Malaysia.

As part of retaliation against the Southeast Asian nation, for criticizing New Delhi’s recent actions on Kashmir, Indian traders decided to limit importing palm oil from Malaysia.

“We speak out our minds and we do not retract and change,” Kuala Lumpur-based daily The Star, quoted Mahathir telling reporters at the Malaysian parliament.

Mahathir Mohammad defended his statement about Kashmir in United Nation General Assembly

“We felt that the people of Kashmir had benefited from the resolution of the UN, and all we are saying is that we should all abide, not just India and Pakistan, but even the U.S. and other countries. Otherwise, what is the need of having the UN?” he exclaimed

Prime minister Mahathir further said that it was necessary to speak out on issues, even though such remarks are disliked by some.

“Sometimes, we have to have strained relationships but we want to be friendly with people. Malaysia is a trading nation, we need markets and so, we are nice to people also,” he said. 

“But, also, we have to speak up for people. So, sometimes what we say is liked by some and disliked by others,” he added.