Prime Minister Imran Khan while Addressing the 7th Annual Convocation of NAMAL University in Mianwali, said that no country in the world can make progress without upholding the true principles of education and merit.

He has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to reform Pakistan’s education system to put the country on road to progress and prosperity.

The Prime Minister said the states in the world can only rise, if they follow principles founded by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in Madina. He said that social welfare programs of the incumbent government are aimed at transforming Pakistan into a country where social equality prevails.

Terming youth as a valuable asset of nation, the prime minister said that youth are playing crucial role in steering the nation out of prevailing challenges.

Imran Khan also appreciated the NAMAL University for playing a vital role in social growth and economic prosperity of the country.

On foreign policy front, Imran Khan said the UAE, Saudi Arabia and China always stood by Pakistan in time of need.