Prime Minister Imran Khan has Wednesday thanked Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman following the Saudi Arabian “generous gesture” of depositing $3 billion in the Pakistani central bank to support the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

PM Khan said in a tweet earlier today from his official account that he wants to thank His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Mohammad bin Salman for supporting Pakistan with the deposit of $3 billion in the State Bank of Pakistan and for “financing refined petroleum product with $1.2 bn”.

“KSA has always been there for Pak in our difficult times incl now when world confronts rising commodity prices,” the Prime Minister said in his tweet.

Earlier today, the advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance, Shaukat Tarin, said that the finance minister of Saudi Arabia has promised to keep US$3 billion with the State Bank of Pakistan and $1.2 billion deferred oil facility.
“Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to place US$3bn with SBP & a $1.2bn deferred oil facility to help the balance of payment of Pakistan,” Shaukat Tarin said in a tweet earlier today.
The finance advisor has termed the bid a “generous gesture” on the part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He expressed gratitude for the “kind gesture” that he said will help the balance of payment of Pakistan.
Late yesterday night the Saudi Press Agency wrote that the Fund for Development announced the issuance of the generous directive to deposit an amount of three billion dollars with the Central Bank of Pakistan…”