Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a multi-billion rupees package involving relief for labour and underprivileged class, business community and industries and farmers besides lowering fuel prices in the country amid shutdown in various parts of the country.

Prime minister Imran khan said that they have earmarked Rs 200 billion for labour class and are also in touch with the provinces and business community to devise a strategy as to how they could facilitate federal government in the process.

“We are giving a tax refund of Rs 100 billion to exporters while Rs 100 billion is also set aside for small and medium industries and agriculture sector.”

“We will also defer the payments of interests to be made from both these sectors [small industries and agriculture],” he said while announcing a relief after coronavirus wreaked havoc on business activities countrywide.

The prime minister announced a Rs 150 billion package for poor segments of the society under which each household would be given Rs 3000 for the next four months.

“We are also expanding the sphere of shelter homes and are also setting aside Rs 50 billion for utility store to provide them basic commodity items on lower prices,” Imran Khan said.

The prime minister also announced to lower the fuel prices in the country by Rs 15 per litre other than relief in payments of utility bills that could now be paid in three-month installments.

He said that they have also earmarked Rs 280 billion for purchase of wheat.

Imran Khan said that an amount of Rs 50 billion was also set aside for purchasing medical equipment needed to tackle the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus.

“We have earmarked Rs 100 billion to counter the effects of lockdown while Rs 25 billion was set aside for NDMA for purchasing necessary equipment to deal with the virus-related issues,”he said.

Meanwhile, speaking over lockdown, the prime minister said that it is already in place as its implementation began soon after the National Security Council meeting, however, imposing a curfew is the last stage of the lockdown.

“The greatest fear we have is to take a wrong decision while fearing coronavirus,” he said adding the lockdown had began in the country after confirmation of 21 virus cases with all schools, marriage halls and public places being shut down.

Our one wrong decision could wreak havoc in the society, he said and asked the newsmen if the country has the capability to provide food to all those living in the slum areas during the days-long curfew.