Iran and Pakistan agreed on Sunday to start barter trade in rice, build more border trade facilities, helping expedite cross-border passage of trucks, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Trade Abdul Razzaq Dawood said in Teheran.

Both countries also agreed to broaden customs cooperation, Dawood said.

He also said that these measures would help increase the quantum of trade over land.

Earlier, he concluded a meeting with Iranian Minister of Communications and Urban Development Rustam Qasemi.

At the conclusion of the meeting of the Iran-Pakistan Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, both countries also emphasized upon strengthening trade ties between the two countries.

During the meeting, both sides also discussed the movement of Pakistani trucks from Iran to Turkey and Europe and Iranian trucks to Pakistan and China, a report by IRNA said.

The meeting also reviewed the increase in the number of international flights between Iran and Pakistan, IRNA stated.

Pakistan also called for the reopening of the joint border market at Pishin-Raymond.

On this occasion, Rustam Qasmi said that Iran and Pakistan would sign a final agreement in this regard within a month.

Abdul Razzaq Dawood said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has emphasized on the development of relations with the countries of the region, especially Iran, which plays an important role in the region.