Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Farhan on Sunday has announced to provide one billion Saudi riyals in aid to Afghanistan at the Extraordinary Session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers.

Saudi Foreign Minister also thanked Islamabad for arranging the meeting and the OIC secretary-general and others for attending it. He also paid tribute to Pakistan for convening the meeting and making the best arrangements in the shortest possible time.

“The economic crisis in Afghanistan could get more serious, the people there are looking forward to our help,” he added.

The Saudi FM announced one billion riyals worth of aid to Afghanistan, stating that the Afghan issue must be looked at on humanitarian grounds and that the people in the war-torn country, including women and children are suffering.

He reiterated that “we want peace in Afghanistan” and that the tense situation in the war-ravaged country could have an impact on the region and the world.

Pakistan also shared a six-point strategy to address Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis, food security, and economic revival besides its institutional capacity building to counter the threat of terrorism.