Men in Green captain Babar Azam has won the hearts of his nation over the last week as Pakistan have made a brilliant start to the 2021 T20 World Cup with three consecutive wins in as many games.

On course with this feat, Azam became the first Pakistan captain ever to beat India in either a 50-over or T20 World Cup match.

Azam while leading his side in an exemplary fashion made some superb performances with the bat by scoring a half-century in two games including an unbeaten effort as part of a 152-run opening partnership with Mohammed Rizwan against India.

As Pakistan head towards the semi-final, the skipper’s father has revealed that the player’s mother was on a ventilator during Pakistan’s historic win over rivals India at the T20 World Cup.

In an Instagram post, Babar’s father Azam Siddique has revealed that his son has been playing “in severe distress” as his mother has been ill. He wrote: “Now my nation should know some truth. Congratulations to all of you on the victory of all three.

“There was a big test at our house. On the day the match was against India, on that day Babar’s mother was on ventilator.

“Babar played all three matches in severe distress. I don t want to come here. It was supposed to be, but I came so that Babar may not get weak. It is the grace of God that he is fine now.

“The purpose of sharing is to not criticize our national heroes without any reason. And yes, I know, if I don’t get paradise. If you get a position, you have exams too. Long live Pakistan.”

Babar’s father was watching the India game from the stands and, in a clip widely shared on social media, he is seen in tears while surrounded by jubilant Pakistan fans.