Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that house financing projects will bring a boom to the construction sector and more projects should be launched in the country.

PM Imran Khan was addressing the Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar house financing scheme in Islamabad today. During his address, the premier praised the authorities concerned for successfully launching the house financing scheme and achievement of milestones.

He said that more projects for house financing should be launched in the country. He said that

“We were thinking how to provide a house to the salaried segment as they could not buy houses for them. Every overseas Pakistani has a desire to own a house in the country.”

“Nobody has thought about the welfare of salaried segment and labourers. An elite mindset has actually damaged our country. This mindset makes the elite segment richer, leaving the other segment poorer.”

The premier said that Pakistanis should get lessons from the development of China as it becomes a global power in just 30 years after uplifting all of its segments at once.

Imran Khan said that the house financing scheme will give an opportunity to the low-salaried people to build their own houses.

“Banks are providing financing facilities to the salaried segment in the foreign country. In our country, a common man used to be afraid of going to the banks amid the prevalence of a system which does not support a common man.”

“Banks have changed their policies now and the common man is now getting loans within the six months. People will find a major change in the country as now, a common man can also buy a house.”

He said that house financing projects will bring a boom to the construction sector.