United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that India should give full freedom of movement to the UN Military Observer Group in India along its side of the Line of Control (LOC).

UN Chief said, “We believe that UNMOGIP should have full freedom of movement, which it has on the Pakistani side, and we hope it will also be achieved on the other side [India]”

“I am concerned about the situation and repeatedly stressed the importance of exercising maximum restraint. Diplomacy and dialogue remain the only tools that guarantee peace and stability,” he said, adding that he has repeatedly reiterated his offer to exercise his good offices for the solution of issues.” He added

“From the beginning, I offered my good offices to play its role in the situation in Jammu and Kashmir but it can work only when accepted by both sides. We have taken a position on the needs of the UN Security Council resolutions to be implemented. The effective de-escalation and dialogue are linked to that with full respect for human rights in Jammu and Kashmir,” the Secretary-General said.

He applauded Pakistan’s efforts to fight the war on terror and asked the world to support Pakistan in the consolidation of these efforts.

“The efforts Pakistan has made to fight terrorism were remarkable and were very successful. Everybody should support Pakistan to consolidate this enormous effort. I have visited Pakistan when terrorism was in the worst shape and now the country’s efforts have been rewarded with the good security situation,” Guterres said.

The UN chief also lauded Pakistan’s contributions to UN peacekeeping efforts as well as the inauguration of the Kartarpur corridor, which was held last year. Calling the Kartarpur initiative a “symbol of interfaith harmony, a unique experiment in cross-border ties,” the UN chief said that the opening of the corridor showed “Pakistan’s commitment to peace.”