Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Pakistan-China Business Investment Forum on Monday.

The forum is aimed at facilitating investment between the two countries.

“We give incentives to Chinese industries and companies to relocate to Pakistan but the problem is that the time taken from an agreement to its implementation is a lot,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said, addressing the inauguration ceremony in Islamabad.

“The delay disincentivizes investors for whom time is very important,” he maintained, stressing the need for removing impediments to foreign investments.

The prime minister emphasised that a country cannot progress without increasing its exports, calling for making exports a national priority.

He said the incumbent government has aligned its priorities – Industries and exports. He added there is a need to cut down on imports and curb money laundering.

Quoting a UN report, the prime minister said one trillion dollar is laundered out of poor countries every year.

The Pakistan-China Business Investment Forum has been set up in collaboration with the Board of Investment. It is aimed at facilitating investment in Pakistan and promotion of business to business industrial cooperation.

Following the participation of over 70 companies in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Conference held in March last year, it was agreed in to establish a business forum with the cooperation of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and the Board of Investment to enhance business to business cooperation. The forum consists of 18 Chinese and 19 Pakistani companies.